Variable Zero

What is V.Zero? 

Prompted by years of witnessing sites seemingly designed for fans claiming domain over the vast networks, and actually seeing little done with them aside from the usual clever banter, and rat racing, it felt imperative to take the established and display a love to create from the most fundamental places. V.Zero is a celebration of fandom co-existing with creativity. A co-mingling of schools, with an emphasis on artists who can speak geek with the rest of them, share in mutual love of the material of others, and yet express in new voices in hopes of creating new ideas and myths for future generations. From reviews & hobbies, to constantly new original creations, balance will be maintained. A point of evolution, V.Zero is an Eternal Work In Progress, and proud of the distinction.

*The site is also the home for the works of multifacteted writer/artist/cipher, Michael Olivarez.