Variable Zero Sounds

Tetsujin :(テツジン) Person of steel. Many influences came into the creation of the Tetsujin moniker which has become the center of my personal musical projects. From full blown songs, to inocuous little sonic doodles,the name rings in a sense of bold idealism enshrouded in fear of what we may all become if that ideal were to become flesh. From home, school, and beyond - Welcome to the liberated heart of V.Zero.


(date: 05.29.09)

Left between atmospheres, and with zero contact from the outside. The environment is alien, and human grasp is lost, or is it? And no sooner that a new batch of tetsujin aural doodles begin. With this short work, I was hoping to delve even deeper into territory laid forth by Defibrillator.  More and more, it is like soundscapes from inner rather than outer space, and I'm cool with that. Here's hoping it inspires images for those curious enough. (ATTN: Adjust Your Bass Levels Accordingly.)

Mindfield Suite (BSR Final)

(date: 05.29.09)

Part video game end theme, part 90's era sturm & drang techno, the Mindfield Suite is the near penultimate version of Battling Seizure Robots. Utilizing a multitude of digital methods, and a final Pro-Tools master, the song is now a little more on the dramatic side, with a great deal more layers of sound added for measure.Of the largest upgrades are the intro, and outro which I found to be far more necessary to give things a more narrative structure. A must for headphones!


(date: 03.19.09)

Feeling a deep need to top Awaited Guest was strong, and surely something fun was on the horizon when I started on this absurd creature of a track. Again no flesh is spared as loops and live playing go to all out war status. The final result is probably my favorite track to date. At once dramatic, and uniquely over the top, BSR is my paen to video game anthems.(as for the clip- I wish I could find out all the artists featured on this, but i was at a loss as to where to look. I would definitely revise and remove them if an issue arose. It just felt apropo, and was a great inspiration while putting the music together.-No Copyright Infringement Intended.)



Ah yes. After some heightened attempts to infuse some traditional musical elements into the project, it felt time to just let loose the primal and go insane with the toolshed. This came about when I definitely wasn't in the best of spirits,and it shows in every pore of this brief, eerie monstrosity. This is TETSUJIN in the deepest, darkest furnace of the imagination.

The Awaited Guest


The essential version of テツジン, this was one of the more difficult pieces to put together. Literally everything in the arsenal was employed to create a doomy synthpop opening to a wild unfilmed action fantasy.(*also of note are the images uploaded on these clips; they are from months of traveling via the L.A. area rail system- plenty of great sources of inspiration out there for me to snap at a moment's notice..)



After paying homage to one major part of my late childhood, it only seemed natural that other areas were given some love.This one was quite a bit of fun,and turned out to b a great deal longer than expected. But I guess the impetus for it was that of accompaniment to a long drive after perhaps some kind of traumatizing experience. A forest threnody of sorts...



A jarring leap into more traditional electronic dance, this track came to life with the addition of Ableton Live, and a host of experimental techniques cross pollenating software and file types.And I guess I also went a little too trigger happy with the distortion on this one.In the end the whole thing evolved into this anarchic, stomp anthem with a sudden ending. This was a great deal of fun to churn out.


(date: 12.26.08)

Entangled in uncertainty, the journey's true face begins to show in a realm of dense wonder & confusion. Questions on top of questions, broken bonds of trust, and revelations that not all is as once thought. This one was a lot of fun with the same tools. Footing seems to be taking hold, leaving the door open for greater experimentation.


(date: 12.14.08)

 As more of a dive into cinematic territory, this track is closer to the type of material that I've been hoping to explore. Again with only a few simple tools(GarageBand, ABSYNTH, an Oxygen8 MIDI Keyboard), the search continues.


(date: 12.14.08)

This was a super simple piece of home brew that I put together with various entry level software lying around. Was a lot of fun tinkering with these tools, and the song was complete within a few minutes. It only felt right to allow Tetsujin to be something of a musical diary, charting progress in a linear, if not always traditional musical fashion. Humble beginnings, personified.